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Just because you read it or hear it, doesn’t mean it’s true! Join us every week to uncover the real truth about your real world.


October 31, 2020

Bonus Mash! Happy Halloween!

We did The Mash all of October, but what does that actually mean? Say "trick-or-treat" because we have something sweet for you! Screenwriter Conor Sullivan joins The Hosts for a special bonus episode about the man behind The Monster Mash, novelty songwriter and lothario, Bobby "Boris" Pickett. Conor's biopic on Pickett has become a Halloween tradition in itself, so listen in as we do The Mash one last time this year and hear a real true horror story that could only take place in Hollywood.

Want to read Conor Sullivan's work? Check out his website, https://www.conorbait.com/

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Dracula, Nosferatu, True Blood, and a peek into the real life of Vlad the Impaler! These are just a few VAMPIRES we'll be covering in the final RTF Monster Mash of the season. You asked for vampires so we're giving you vampires (plus a few tidbits about how much we miss Luke Perry). Vampire expert, Doc French, joins us from The American Vampirism Institute of Research with some helpful tips on how to recognize vampires among us and just how many bats they can transform into! It's not as many as you think!

No tricks here! Want more treats? We might have some for you tomorrow...

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And Mary Shelley was his nom de plume?!
Join us for quite possibly, the most psychologically damaging episode of Real True Facts as we journey into the dark recesses of the mind of the world's most secretive serial killer, Dr. Frankenstein. RIT researchers Dr. Allegra Frommich and Master Tory Hiddlestitch explain who Frankenstein's Monster REALLY was and how reanimation can help us all. Plus: possible new leads on the Zodiac Killer...


We're ready for week three of the RTF Monster Mash, are you? Sound off at our email: mail@realtruefactspodcast.com and send us a message on IG @realtruefactsgram. You can learn more about our guests and get more info about past and upcoming episodes!

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It's week two of the Real True Facts Monster Mash and you won't believe your eyes! This week is all about the Invisible Man and the case for INVISIBILITY with scientist and Provo, Utah TV personality, Jeremy Baxter! Plus, The Hosts read your Monster Mash poll results LIVE and find out your favorite monster. The results may or may not be results!

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Halloween time is upon us and here at Real True Facts, we believe our dear listeners deserve not ONE Halloween show, but MANY Halloween shows!

That's why for the entire month of October, we will be doing the Real True Facts MONSTER MASH! Every week we'll meet with experts in all our favorite monsters and bring you the absolute truth on these classics. This week, we speak with an American Veterinarian in London about WEREWOLVES. Plus, Dr. Semor almost blows himself up.

Who do you want to see featured on the Monster Mash? Let us know! mail@realtruefactspodcast.com or find us on IG @realtruefactsgram! We'll be posting polls on our stories.

Stay spooky!

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What do Prince, Bowie, Phelps, and Armstrong have in common? They are all under suspicion of being ALIEN HYBRIDS! Welcome to Aliens Among Us pt. 2 with our favorite bunker-dwelling scientist, Dr. Semor, reporting. This week, The Hosts compare their wild speculations with concrete science to get to the bottom of alien abductions, implants, and human incubators.

Plus, The Hosts get ready for Halloween! Let us know your favorite classic monsters for the Real True Facts Monster Mash happening all of October! Send us a message at mail@realtruefactspodcast.com or vote on our IG stories @realtruefactsgram.

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This week The Hosts talk with US government contractor, Joe Duke, the leading expert on The Bermuda Triangle and its mysterious anomalies. Is it to blame for the disappearance of Amelia Earhart or are its powers subject to weaponization? We'll get into the nitty gritty on this brand new episode of Real True Facts!

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September 18, 2020

The Robot Kind of Life

Today is all about Artificial Intelligence, but who's the more evolved creature? Dr. Phillip Credenza from MIT discusses everything from the robot/human relationship, their love of artistic expression, and if they really want to take over the world!

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September 11, 2020

How To Fall In Love With an Elf

Okay, maybe not love, but scholastic elf expert, Luther Van Gershen, is here to teach The Hosts all about elves and how the popular toy, Elf on the Shelf is ruining more lives than any of us can imagine! Have you ever met an elf? According to Van Gershen-- you have! Stay tuned for a new episode of Real True Facts (and plenty of Orlando Bloom talk).

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The Hosts talk to folklorist Dr. Elizabeth Toriseva about her book, How to Communicate With Fairies, and what humans can do to support these peaceful, fun-loving folk! Get ready to transcend your own dimension-- it's a twinkly new episode of Real True Facts!


Email us at mail@realtruefactspodcast.com and we'll read your questions on the air. DM us too: @realtruefactsgram on IG.


Hey! We're on a new network! RTF is happy to be a part of PodMoth Media. Check them out on IG @podmoth for other supernatural, paranormal, or spooky content.

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